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the boxing business onts he. larry holmes who came after the legend. era coulter is catching up now focusing on identity theft. better late than never. 57 back to the food labeling overall was just stay this is stupid ben will so companies will jus pass the cost onto consumers effendi wineries these nothing like additional cost on biness to make the nay state fe better. keep those coming. we are listening. because whenever highlight that nobody else is talking e administration is talking. attorney general walter of the economic scene today identity theft and hacking ar a problem why now? is a problem? it is so out ofcontrol the justice department is finally giving it look for a protest says it is about time with the minimum wage that businesses don't like have we missed the threat? neil: there were a little preoccupied this was just a -- definitely under the purview but they just woke up to it? >> the administration has not been overly concerned about citizens' privacy as he has en in the white house because of his policies. with the nsa if they were really concerned and remember, of the go
will be back again next week. larry glazer, four eks to deadline day, this monster law is was supposed to help. so what. is that a worry? >> brenda, you only get one chance to make a ft impression. the first impression is obamacare has been a disaster. it started with a botch enrollment process. it is horror stories, losing your doctor. the american people aren't buying it. their interest in support of this policy is waning, they're regreting the policy, so should we. >> it's not just the number of pele who are enrolling or not enrolling. it's the type of person, the young and healthy ones. we don't know they are buying. >> absolutely. the number they should be focusing on is 20%. the people who signed up, who are 18 to 24. >> that number, those are 34-year-olds. there aren't a lot of very young people that have signed up. they're the ones that are supposed to y for everyone else. there is no mechanism to collect the fee for that. the tax. they have to file a tax return in order for the irs to get their money. a lot of 18-ar-olds aren't getting jobs, the system is in trouble because of this. >
and resources to get the job done. stuart: time for that real halftime report. joining us from chicago, larry levin, the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides, sitting side-by-side charles payne and sandra smith. is this 1999 all over again? >> i really do not think that it is, stuart. u.s. companies doing really well. that is the big difference. u.s. corporations are doing quite well. i do not want to say it is the opposite of 1999, but certainly a much different situation. stuart: larry, you watch the show. you are baak on tomorrow and monday. 1999. your take? >> closer to 1996. that is where valuations were. right at 1996 levels. right when alan greenspan quoted the term. we are still in the early stages. not 1999, 1996. nicole, pier one. i know it is down big. why? nicole: pier one imports ccme out with their numbers. they talked about less traffic in the stores. down 7.5% right now. also hitting a new low of 1805. this stock in particular, was about $0.10 during the financial crisis. the good news is better than that. stuart: i did not know that. sandra, gold. i think it is up 11%.
is that. >> president obama policy heretofore, red lines, he larry carries them out. that is a pretty gutsy move, what will be the next step? what do chinese do? what do iranians do? seems doesn't make a lot of sense or is it very likely. a much better plan would be to say we'll keystone pipeline, we'll frack, and drive the price of oil down, russia if the price of oil goes down below 80 or $90 a barrel, they are bankrupt. they can't do anything of these stuff. don't have military and subsidies to people and have a little political unrest. gerri: a lot of people completely lost sight of that economic resistance, health programs, you name it. do we have much -- >> real problem ukraine has they need $30 billion bailout and we're not going to step up for that. european union isn't. and imf won't unless is some major restructuring of corruption and good government. who is willing to step up for that? the russians. gerri: we have a long way to go. >> this story is not over yet by a long shot. gerri: i think we'll have a long time stalk talking about this. i hope you will be available to ch
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)